Welcome to Allianze Consortium the one stop destination for product sourcing, import and export from China.
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There’s more to importing from China than just the price. Finding a capable, honest supplier you can trust to manufacture and ship quality products within your required time at the most competitive price and keep all proprietary information confidential is critical for success.

 ALLIANZE CONSORTIUM offers you that partnership in China.

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Here at Allianze Consortium we specialise in exporting a wide range of products to and from China. Products exported from China include: Building Materials, Furniture, Production lines and on-demand products. We also assist and facilitate exportation to China of agricultural and non-agricultural products.

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About us

With a vast amount of experience and clients worldwide Allianze Consortium is the company for you.

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Our Clients benefit from our experience in a wide array of sectors as well as from our diverse functional capabilities.

Our commitment to understanding and anticipating our clients’ needs is what defines us.

Our four point agenda: Guidance in the product development, manufacturing, quality control and shipping.